Message from the President ~ 2022 ~

We, “K & B International Group”, were founded in 2002 and are celebrating our 21st year.
We appreciate the support of customers who come to our store every day and our business partners who warmly watch over us. Thank you very much.

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19, which began in 2020, has spread in a completely different direction than originally expected and has not yet converged.
Our business was also greatly affected. All overseas businesses were withdrawn, and domestic businesses were forced to close or shrink stores. During this time, we were in crisis many times, but thanks to everyone who support us, we have managed to survive and are currently trying to rebuild our business.

It’s hard because of the corona, but it’s not all bad. The hotel business in Nagoya, which was launched during the corona, has finally begun to go well, and the restaurant and banquet department of Hotel Kitano Plaza Rokkoso in Kobe, which started in April last year, also recorded the highest sales in December. In addition, the restaurant in Takatsuki city hall will be restarted from this January, and it will be decided to open “Candied Sweet Potato shop, Kuriyoriya” and “Vietnamese food Bia Hoi” at the Hanshin Umeda Department store in this April. “Vietnamese food Bia Hoi” will be the first collaboration with “Vietnamese restaurant Bia Hoi in Umeda”. There are other plans for new businesses, and We are chased every day.

K & B International Group has developed the business associated with (1) restaurant, (2) hotel, (3) acupuncture and moxibustion clinic, and (4) overseas business as four major pillars. However, this COVID-19 crisis will force major changes in future business plans. In particular, about (1), we will hedge the risk of the restaurant business to improve efficiency and rebuild the business. And about (4), we were forced to withdraw from our overseas business, but we will aim to re-enter the market by asking for opportunities after the COVID-19 disaster.
And as a new business, I would like to grow (5) the sales business at department stores, which will start from this April, as a major pillar.

Our goals

1. Create a company that makes all employees happy both financially and mentally.

2. Achieve the best customer satisfaction in Japan.

3. Create a company that is trusted by everyone and that does not put profit over morals.

4. Create a company that values innovation and self-challenge.

5. Contribute to the development of the world and create a company that is loved by everyone

We will reconsider the role of the company in the region and strive to be a company that is loved by all as stated in our management philosophy, in response to the corona era.
And all the employees will do their best so that we can give back to the people who have taken care of us as much as possible.
We would like to ask for your continued support and guidance.

January 2022
K & B International Group
Representative Director Yoshikazu Mieda