Message from the President

We, “K&B International Group”, were founded in 2002 and are in their 19th year. I think that this is because of the support of our customers who visit us and our business partners who watch over us. thank you very much.

The year 2020 has begun.Coronavirus news began in mid-January, and reservations for the Lunar New Year, which is the busiest period of our hotel, were canceled.We thought that it was also a kind of cold, but the reality is that it is a terrifying virus that changes the way the world is and the way humans live, and since February, we have been greatly affected and continue to this day.
Even now, the difficult situation continues, but I am really grateful for the support of many people in this corona disaster.
Currently, K&B International Group is developing the businesses associated with (1) restaurants, (2) hotels, (3) Acupuncture and Osteopathic clinics, and (4) overseas businesses as its four major pillars.
However, this coronavirus has to change future business plans.Since the establishment of the restaurant business (1), it will take time for the banquet to recover profits, so the development of products that replace it is an issue.
In addition, (2) the hotel business is a contract business, so direct damage is not large, but it is our responsibility to increase the profits of the owner company who outsources it, so we will not lose to the situation and work hard. ③ We view the acupuncture and osteopathic surgery business as one of the healthcare businesses that have the potential to grow significantly in the future.Finally ④ We cannot predict the overseas business, but we will resume expansion to Southeast Asia after the end of Corona.

Our goals

1. Create a company that makes all employees happy both financially and mentally.

2. Achieve the best customer satisfaction in Japan.

3. Create a company that is trusted by everyone and that does not put profit over morals.

4. Create a company that values innovation and self-challenge.

5. Contribute to the development of the world and create a company that is loved by everyone

We will re-think the role of companies in the region, and will do our best to become a company that is loved by all people according to the management philosophy, corresponding to the age of Corona. And all employees will do their best to give back to those who have taken care of us. We would like to ask for your continued support and guidance.

July 2020
K&B International Group
Representative Director Yoshikazu Mieda